"Non parlo di un vuoto
ma del vuoto
al centro dello sterno
a tamponare i polmoni
farli spugne
a filtrare fumo
vecchi ricordi
nuove paure
presagire ansie
e distorcermi
nella mia rete"
M. Eros Thanatos (via tisentodentrolecanzoni)


That dance that they did today, kind of reminded me of when - when we danced together?

"Being around you drives me nuts! And not being around you…drives me nuts.”

"uso il sarcasmo perchè l’omicidio è illegale."
— (via 26gennaio2013)

"You and me, face to face
And there’s so much I could say"
— jessie j - laserlight

"In the blink of an eye
I was falling from the sky
In the blur, you took my breath away
And my heart starts beating
And my lungs start breathing
And the voice in my head starts screaming
I’m alive!"
— jessie j - Laserlight